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I was scheduled for surgury on june,25 ,2009 & i hav stayed in contact with an Miss Brooks who has caught an attitude with me cause of the fact my short term diability has not been received so that puts me one&half behind on my note on my jeep they are threating me 2 repose my truck! I have cooperated with them since the i knew the surgery was goin to take place but her &her staff gott ugly with so i got ugly back !

I hope yall have the phone coversations recorded because the were laughing at me ike it was a joke! I havent received my short term money yet so that put me in an bind of having 2 borrow money from not a not so close friend they didnt care& thought is was extremly funny! Which i only could get $200.00 but was charged 45.00 for the fax papers they sent me so i had 2 find another person 2 borrow money from ! I was not aware that i was suposed 2 send the fax back i was never instructed 2 by any of your team members they just let me know if I had any COMMON SENCE I would have known 2 fax it back 2 them they threatened me 2 repoe my truck & this the first time i have ever had any problems paying on my truck!!I will return 2 work on august,7,2009!

This is not a joke for me or my children this is how I get 2 work & my kids 2 school if I would have known your company were so harsh against people trying 2 get there arm corrected so i can continue my job i would have continued 2 suffer ! Ive tried your automated system @the begining of june & It didnt work it wouldnt take any type of payment over the phone when i work get direct deposit so i usually pay it the 1st saturday of the month depending how the pay periods fall! Im extreamly upset with your staff!! Since they think this a JOKE by threating people which is not very funny at all !

I know everyone is going through rough times and i do pay my bills but i cant if my disabilty has not come in ! And yes i did send MS. Brooks A letter also explaining to her thank her for her help because i have been on top of this since ive been out work and on JULY 20,2009 it seemed 2 be a JOKE 2 her & her manager! They said i was being loud and rude but i can promise you they were just as loud & RUDE!

They might not have said any curse words but a person can only handle so much NONSENSE !! I am a very easy 2 work with I have a very strong deep voice for a woman that is just how god made me! Your team are supposed 2 be professional not acting like a bunch of children ! And i was also warned if i didn't make a payment on the 27 of July they would make sure my truck would be reposed !I understand you have a buisness 2 run but i have spoken 2 this lady ms brooks @ least 1 to 2 times a week and left messages on her voice mail 2 let her know i haven't received my check!Sorry this letter is so long but this is the only way it seems i can maybe get someone 2 speak 2 me like im a person!

When your employees tell me your not a bank then another says yall are a bank just tired of sassyness & the run around I'm doing the best i can 2 get this truck payment taking care of ASAP !

THANK YOU DENA MCCOMB 337-478-0816 Hope I can get sum Help!! I fax the paper work @ about 5:20 July 20,2009 4 different times with a letter 2 ms brooks.

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I myself have never been treated so rude as i was today. I had lost my job in dec at the time i was MAKING GOOD MONEY and paid my bills.

I got behind on the payments and got a call last night stating they were going to repo my car if i didnt get a payment into them.I tried to explain to them that i had loss my job and id make a payment after i got my first unemployment check . The lady i talked to last night was very nice and gave me a call to tell me my car was going to be repoed if i didnt pay the payment. I too had to borrow money to get it paid today.I got a call from my hubby telling me he got a call making threats to him about hiding the car. WE ARENT HIDING ***.

I called and told her i had made the payment and had talked to a lady last night. MS BELL called me a liar and then yelled at me. She even denied calling my hubby. He dont lie to me about that stuff.

I had told her i had a mtcn number from western union and she was so rude to me she didnt take the number until i got rude back to her. I am not a liar and Dena is so right.. they have no compassion for anyone. They werent my orginal finance company either.

They bought my loan as well as others from another bank.I told her i was going to call tomorrow and talk to her supervisior and she told me shed didnt care that she would overwrite anything she supervisior did on my account. where the *** do they get these people.I have been in customer service for many years and would never be nasty to customers.

they wont be in business long due to the people they have working there. good luck to anyone who has to deal with this comapny in the future.


what dealer did you get your car from?


This company is by far the WORST company to have a loan through. I have never been treated so bad.

They have the worst customer service policy and WILL NOT work with you whatsoever.

I did not originally have a loan through them, rather they strong armed my account through my previous lender WITHOUT my consent and it has been miserable ever since. All I can wish for is that I get rid of this company as soon as possible as their policy is outrageous and incredibly unaccomodating!

Ballico, California, United States #68059

Yea, I was disrepected as well. I was so angry with them I started to go take that car back to toyota parking lot.... I am trying to find the owner, executive director, or whomever is over this bank and let them know how they so called employees especially the supervisor Linda treated me!

dena mccomb

By the employees that think that this is just fun & games And its NOT A JOKE !! This is very serious buisness !

I always pay my bills sorry i had no choice 2 have my should almost completly replaced due to working in an casino! Where I make good enough money to have 2 car notes!!

dena mccomb

I feel that eveyone should be treated fairly and not made fun of in this time of eveyone struggling in the USA today and just trying to make life simple easier for eveyone to live! Im am tryin to pay all my bills and dont enjoy being made fun of !

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