Golden Meadow, Louisiana
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Cresent Bank and Trust is a joke. They are insane.

My note was due on a Sat on Monday morning they were calling my job, my references and have even called the dealership were I bought my car. They have threatened to repossess it and I was not even 30 days late that is crazy to me. I will walk on foot brfore I finance another vehicle through this place. They harass you and are completly crazy.

I worked at a finance company... and it was illegal for us to treat our customers the way they do. I would have been fired for the things they do.

I will re finance as soon as I can with another company. That is a promise!

Monetary Loss: $7.

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Taldyqorghan, Almaty, Kazakhstan #207128

Yeah they are. Im telling you i wasnt even 30 days yet and they threaten to repo is that even freaking legal.

They are relentless I had a customer in my office at work and they called 11 times in a row. It was insane my bills always get paid it may not be on the exact day but I pay them. with them calling like that it makes you not want to pay a dime.

Its almost like it comes out of their pay check or something!! Crazy!

Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, India #207125

i would not deal with this company again either. they are ripe offs.

i owed 1 payment and they threatened to take my car and i wasn't due for another 2 weeks but they hasseled the *** out of me. these people are crazy.

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