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Had a car loan from them for one year. I put down $10000 down on the vehicle. They call multiple times a week to "remind" you to pay on the due date. If you are one day late, these nuts will call multiple times a day. Last week, my driveway alarm went off and I noticed a man at the front door. This man tells me that he is from the bank and was here to check out my car. I told him to hit the road. As he walks away, he mentions something about "pictures" and chuckles. I check my home security cam system and observe him in my backyard taking pictures of every angle of the car "before" he even knocked on my front door. He was all over the car. Taking pics. of the vin., every angle of the car. Unreal. Sneaky ***. He was scouting the yard for the repo man. This bank is so unethical is sickening.

I called the bank and recorded the call and was told that they sent out a "field agent" to inspect the car. I asked why and was told that they needed to confirm its condition. I stated that the car was one day late. The rep. stated that is what they do....... I asked for the field agents number and they said they didn't have a number.

When I bought the car a local crescent bank rep. called me to "welcome" me and info. on my location and place of employment. I kept that number because I got a strange vibe from the phone call. I called the local bank office and spoke to someone on a recorded line.

This rep. told me that "the car is Crescent's car until it is paid off" and that the agents are sent out to make sure that the car was in good condition. I asked what the diff. between a Field Agent and a Repo Agent and she wouldn't answer.

I was so angry that I immediately started calling dealers to find a new car. NO joke. I was pissed! Traded it in the next day and found a better lender.

Would you believe that even after trading it in they still called about payments.....

Terrible terrible company. They make money by selling cars that they repo. I wouldn't even call them a bank. Be very careful, they will not hesitate to take your car. If you are worried, triple tugboat size chain your car to a tree. Put it in the garage. Get new temp. plates- the field rep. took pics. of my plates. Watch where you park at malls or at work. Take a tire or two off when parked at home. If they "can't see" your vin under the right hand corner of your windshield, then they will need to verify it is the car in question using other methods. If they want to play games, then play harder.

Record every phone call. Lots of free call recorder apps for all phones. Get a driveway alarm or two or three.

One for the end of the drive and one in front of the car.

I have phone call recordings and security cam footage to verify all this. Security cam pic. of bank "field agent/repo scout" in backyard taking pics. of car.

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Typical subprime deadbeat whining! YOU brought ALL THIS upon yourself by NOT paying on time.

People who pay their bills on time don't have bill collectors calling, coming to the house or place of employment. They don't have the repo man coming either.

In typical deadbeat fashion, its all their fault, right and you have 1000+ excuses. Grow your bills on time and you won't have this problem!

to Anonymous #1319951

Life does not always work that way so you grow up and I am a senior citizen. In other words, If you 've never had any rain in your life, just wait a while.

I have already paid almost 17,000 dollars on my loan in less than 3 years .

This is for a 20,000 car with 4 more years to pay it, Go figure how honest Crescent Bank and Trust is.

These are crooks and are very dishonest idiots. I told them to come and pick the *** up!

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